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Fuse Holders

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Fuse Holder :

Elconic Control is an authorized dealer for Elcom make Fuse Holders.

Fuse holders are devices for containing, protecting and mounting fuses. Elconic Control supplies Elcom make Fuse holders with two basic types i.e. open or fully enclosed. Variety of fuse holder Open Type includes PCB Mounting and Chassis Mounting and in Close types Fuse Holders like Screw Cap / Coin Turn and Bayonet Cap.

Elconic Control also supplies Elcom make Inline Fuse Holder (Hanging Fuse Holder).

  • . HFH-1-1 – Without Wire
  • . HFH-1-5-XX – With fuse link and red colour wire
  • . HFH-1A-XX – Only fuse holder without fuse link
  • . HFH-1-CE – Fuse Holder CE approved (4amp. 250VAC)
  • . HFH-1-C-XX – INLINE 10amp. 250VAC
  • . HFH-1-XX – 4amp. 250VAC
  • . HFH-5-W – Fuse holder 12amp. For 6.3X32mm fuse link without wire
  • . HFH-5-XX – 12amp. 250VAC, CE approved
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